Saturday, May 16, 2009

Supreme Court Justice and Shakespeare in the Law

This weekend my school had a Shakespeare and the Law conference, and Justice Breyer (a Justice on the Supreme Court) was here to visit. Although to the rest of the world it's probably not all that exciting, in the legal world it's a really big deal to get to see a Supreme Court Justice. I got to watch him perform one of Shakespeare's plays and also hear him talk on a panel about how Shakespeare's works reflected themes in the law. Supreme Court Justices always seem so unreachable, but it's pretty cool to go to a school where such important people want to visit. It's interesting to read someone's work day in and day out, as we do with the case law opinions written by Supreme Court Justices, and then get to see them in real life. It was also really interesting seeing someone who seems as though he should be really serious taking on a more playful and friendly role.

On a different topic, I only have two and a half more weeks until finals period begins, so prayers for my study time would be greatly appreciated. It's going to be a very busy next 5 weeks or so. I have three finals this quarter, and then I leave right afterwards to go to work in Houston. As soon as I finish my finals, I will begin the writing competition for our school journals. This competition involves a very intensive two weeks of reading, writing and editing, all of which I'll be doing while working a full-time job. I am very excited about this upcoming few weeks, but I know it will be intense.

Adrian has begun studying for finals. His finals begin in about another week. We are trying hard to take care of our health so we can give it our best during this intense period. There's nothing worse than being sick during finals period. Prayers for health would be appreciated too!

Keep checking in for my smart living tips. I'll be adding more soon. Have a fantastic weekend!

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