Sunday, May 23, 2010

lies we tell ourselves, volume 1

"Sleep is overrated."

No, it's really not. But what else am I to tell myself when I have back-to-back finals and no reading period?!

Oh, finals. Yes, it's that time again. Cup after cup of coffee, diet coke out the wazoo, junk food, and late nights. First final is on Tuesday, second is on Wednesday. I can last without sleep for 3 more days, right? (Don't worry--I don't actually deprive myself of sleep. Fortunately, I listened when Dean Richardson told us 1L year that sleep was more important than that last hour of studying.)

Mani/Pedi planned for Thursday. Always good to have something to look forward to. Then, off to Houston to start my summer internships. YAYYYYYYYY!!! V&E and Baker Botts, get ready. You've got one very excited and eager summer intern coming your way!!!

Prayers are always welcome :)

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  1. I forgot to link you to my blog, so I have completely fallen behind in keeping up with your life!!! I need to get your info. so we can get together next time I'm in Chicago (which might be when I move there for good if I don't have to come back for more interviews!). I'll talk to you soon, and good luck on finals!!!!