Thursday, June 3, 2010


I have made it to Houston and started my first week of work. I am already exhausted. Living on a student's schedule is much different than living on a legal professional's schedule (i.e. no mid-day naps as a grown-up). It's been super fun, though, so I certainly have no complaints. I'm thankful for a wonderful job with wonderful people, and I'm thankful for some time back down where I feel at home.

On a related note, I need wardrobe suggestions. The legal profession, as I'm sure you all know, is rather formal. As you also may know, I have never worked full-time before. Thus, I end up wearing this:

And I'd rather be wearing this:

But the problem is, I don't know where to find the second "this". I need help. I have worn out my welcome at J.Crew and Banana and could use some fresh ideas. Blog world, here's your chance to shine.

Off to bed I go. After tomorrow, I will have my first week down.

Disclaimer: If this blog post appears dry, it's only because I'm tired. Please do not take it as a representation of my typical joy in life or ability to write profoundly. Those posts will come after a weekend of rest.

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