Sunday, September 19, 2010

Inspired by M.S. (Martha Stewart, that is)

Smart Living Tip: Create a Calendar to Increase Productivity

Those of you out there who are around me for any significant amount (or maybe not even a significant amount) of time know that I LOVE being domestic. I love cooking and cleaning and organizing, but most of all, I love party planning/hosting. I am a self-proclaimed Martha Stewart (without the scandal...I'm pretty scandal-less). I have recently been purchasing her magazine off the newsstand because she has wonderful ideas for party decor as well as tasty from-scratch recipes that I think may be useful for parties as well.

While Martha has some wonderful ideas about party planning, cooking, and tending to farms (which I plan only to read about because while I love being domestic, I have no intention of ever owning chickens/horses/any other farm animal), I believe her greatest contribution is the calendar she creates every month. (see example here) I mean, honestly, my life would be SO much more productive if I would sit down at the end of each month and plan out what all needs to be done in my life/home for the entire next month. There is just something about writing down a task on a particular day that makes me want to actually do it. I am already a HUGE fan of list-making, (I find that list-making increases my ability to accomplish tasks in a timely manner) so surely a calendar would have the same sort of effect. So, I thought that to complete my Martha Stewartness, I would try out making a calendar for the month of October. In reality, it'll probably be more trouble creating the calendar than it was worth, but I've got another week until school starts, so why not? We could all use a little organization in our lives, after all. So, this will be my project for the next week. Then, as October rolls along, I will be conducting a bit of an experiment to see if it actually makes me more productive (I have a feeling it will). I encourage you all to tune back in to the blog at the end of the week to see the finished product, and I encourage each of you to do this little experiment with me, because I would LOVE to see what's in store for your October!

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