Friday, November 5, 2010

{exercise: day 5}

Day 5: Ana Caban's Beginning Mat Workout

It's Pilates day again! Tomorrow is the MPRE so I thought it might be nice to do something that required control and focus for my workout today, to take my mind off of the test and to relax myself a little.

It was great. If you've never done Pilates, I highly recommend it. You learn how to control your muscles and it makes you lean and mean. :) Also, it's a great break for people who do weight training because it helps to stretch out those muscles that are shortened when you lift weights.

Likewise, it's great for people who hold their stress inside--it requires you to focus on your muscles and like Ms. Caban herself said, "Pilates is a great escape, because people must be so present mentally that they have to let go of whatever their minds are holding onto." She's so wise, that Ana Caban. :) (or as Adrian so endearingly likes to call her, "Ana Cabana")

While I'm no expert, I do recommend that anyone interested in starting a Pilates regimen first take a class from an instructor. Some of the core skills foundational to Pilates are breathing and proper form, which are a little difficult to learn from a video. Once you get that down, though, I think the videos are GRRRRRRREAT!

Okay, I think a little bit of delirium is setting in. Off I go to finish up my studies and hit the hay. Prayers for tomorrow's exam are always welcome :) sweet dreams, blog world.

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