Wednesday, December 8, 2010

{project doing it for the ground, finals, and...ENGAGED! (no, not me again...someone else this time)}

alright, friends, so Project Doing It for the Ground was somewhat of an epic failure once Thanksgiving hit. I'm thinking of going for a Round 2 in February. Who's with me?! (Okay, you have a month and a half to think about it, so get back to me on that one)

In other news, finals are coming up at the end of this week/beginning of next week, and while I should be freaking out considering I've done significantly less studying this quarter than any other quarter, I just seem to have this overwhelming sense of calm. Praise Jesus for that, because it is not my nature to be calm, so I know it's totally coming from Him. Prayers are always welcome, though, so if you find yourself saying "self, who should I pray for today?" please think of me.

In other other news.....MY BEST FRIEND GOT ENGAAAAAAAAAAAGED!!!! :) Oh man, I could explode from excitement right now.

Isn't it absurd how ridiculously cute they are?!?! I just love these two--for their hearts, for their patience, for their love for the Lord. It just makes me want to burst in happiness. Congratulations you two!

Alright, off I go to review a little more Oil & Gas...or perhaps Mergers & Acquisitions....or maybe I should think more about Secured Transactions.....oh dear. Happy Wednesday!


  1. What a glorious post! I love you so much, Katherine. (so does Zach) :) I'm praying for your focus as you study. And thanking God for your sense of calm.

  2. I second Katherine's comments about dear, sweet Rachel. Congratulations!