Monday, March 21, 2011

{because history always repeats itself}

Can it be? Is it true?!?! can't be...



Scrunchies in Chicago

Scrunchies in Ponca City

Yes, the reports are true. I have recently visited two stores in Chicago and one in Oklahoma where scrunchies were boldly displayed in the hair care aisle, which leads me to believe that there are others out there. Whaaaaaaaaaa?!

History always repeats itself.

My best friends Rachel, Mackenzie, Lyndsay, and I were all believers in the scrunchie back when they were in style for the first time (...some of us more than others...ahem, Rachel, cough cough). And to be honest, I am not totally opposed to them coming back. I mean, they are SO much gentler on your hair than other types of tie-backs. However, I do understand that they're not really sleek or sophisticated.

I may or may not buy some...just to use at home of course...



  1. LOL! I was so puzzled this afternoon as to why you asked me about scrunchies. Now I know! As to whether you should indulge in the rebirth of the scrunchie...follow your heart girlfriend! Personally, I don't feel much like sporting the same hair style as my fifth graders (granted some of them are way more stylish than I was at that age, or was in high school for that matter!) but to each her own! Please post pictures if you do, and promise me you'll do the side pony at least once. You'll make my year.

  2. But for real--it will be nice to have undamaged hair. ;) Furthermore, I do NOT recall wearing scrunchies that often. Well, not THAT often. :)

  3. I bought black, not-too-thick scrunchies at Walgreens because of this post. I'm sad to report that they were a disappointment. Only one and a half loops possible, rather than the two I require. :( I won't give up on them entirely, though.