Friday, March 25, 2011

{Five Item Friday}

Today's Topic: Georgian Architecture

I absolutely love the stateliness of Georgian homes. They are so grand, so beautiful, so established and oh-so-beautiful. What's your favorite style of architecture?

The beloved Pi Beta--the place where I passed a lot of time during my college years--not positive it's Georgian but it seems to fit the description. Are there any experts out there?

Happy Friday!


  1. My dream starter home, or second home, is a craftsman home, though as a starter I'd probably need to look for a mini-craftsman. I love the simplicity, the Americana, and the lack of pretension in these homes. I love the details of dormer windows and wide front porches. They look like the ideal nuclear family homes, nestled behind big shade trees in quiet neighborhoods. Anytime I see one (and they're everywhere! But many have been sadly neglected and unloved.) I squeal "Oh cute!"

    Guthrie is my favorite town in Oklahoma because of its drop-dead gorgeous Victorian homes. I've always loved old Disney movies like "The Happiest Millionaire" and "Mary Poppins" for the Victorian homes featured that are practically characters themselves. Even the animated ones in "Lady and the Tramp"! The colors, the detail in the shingles, the shapes, the grandeur, and especially the history. They look like they must have ghosts feeling quite at home in their big rooms, walking the hardwood floors. I love it!

    Great topic!