Wednesday, May 11, 2011

{because love is awesome and Jesus is awesomer}

This isn't news, but I'm just having a renewed moment of excitement.

My best friend is getting married. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! (and she loves Jesus, and her hubby-to-be is uh-mazing and he loves Jesus too. So duh...exciting!)

yep, that's all.

{what's better than a best friend you can jam with?}


  1. So happy you two have each other. What a pair. Love you both to pieces and think you're so cute together. I'm overjoyed for the years you've had each other and that you can share in each other's big days! Hope I find that one Best Friend someday so I can experience what you two have.

  2. My hubby-to-be IS uh-mazing. :) My bestie is also uh-mazing. And Jesus is the uh-mazingest of all. This post is fabulous, and there are no words for that insane photo. Ay caramba!