Tuesday, April 17, 2012

{a beautiful day at the grove}

Some days, it's nice to just get away from the office for lunch.  It's so common in my profession to just grab a sandwich and take it back to your desk.  Today, I wanted something different.  My good friend, Kristin, and I had relatively slow days at work today, so we decided to lunch at The Grove.  The Grove is a neat restaurant located in the Discovery Green park that was built right on the edge of downtown.  It's a beautiful area with open space, green grass, a skating rink in the winter, and a pond or two for good measure.  At Discovery Green, you will find a farmers' market on Sundays and various events for children and families all throughout the week.  It's a wonderful little treasure right in the middle of the city.

We were dying to get outside since it was such a beautiful day today, so we decided that The Grove would be the best place to go.  They have seating on the patio, which allows you to look out over Discovery Green and, if you're like me, people-watch.  I'm so thankful for small breaks like this throughout my week that allow me to get outside and appreciate God's beautiful creations (both nature and people).

What is your favorite way to "take a break from the daily grind" in your neck of the woods?


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