Tuesday, May 15, 2012

{that crazy Karl}

Random aside before I get into today's post:  Don't you just love it when God reveals his faithfulness to you in tangible ways?  Like, when you pray about something for a long time (in this case, my husband and I have been praying over a certain situation for two whole years) and you sorta feel like things will never change and then out of the blue, when you least expect it, the impossible happens?  That's just really cool.  It helps me remember that God's timing is SO different from mine...and sometimes we just have to be patient, believing that He will act right when the time is proper.  Yeah, God's pretty cool.

Now, on to the meat of today's post:

Karl Lagerfeld.  An icon of the fashion world.  A man who, while he designs amazing works of art, touches no fabric to create these designs.  (He leaves that to the less...ahem..."seasoned" designers.  In his words, "I’m not there in the studio draping—I don’t do those things.")

I recently came across this article detailing his daily schedule.  I found it to be very interesting!  People fascinate me, so I am always curious to learn more about how others live.  I hope you find it to be interesting too.  

What are some of your quirky daily habits? 

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