Friday, July 6, 2012

{Five Item Friday}

It's Friday, friends!!! And you know what that means...

Yes, dance we shall, Mr. Scott.  Dance we shall.  

Aaaaaand, today is the birthday of one of the secretaries in my group so we get cupcakes!!!! WOOHOOOOOO!!!

Now, on to Five Item Friday.

Today's post is in honor of those studying for the Bar exam.  Oh yes, it was only a year ago for me, and quite fresh a memory it is.  {J/K.  Who am I kidding?   It was so traumatic that I blocked every memory of last summer out of my brain.  I have zero recollection of about 2 months of my life now.  Awesome.}

So today's post will be a highlight of 5 of the awesomest things that you get back in your life as a result of finishing the Bar exam.  Enjoy!

sleeping...without nightmares {until it gets closer to results time, that is}  :D

smiling, being happy and generally just being able to enjoy life with friends

watching tv...and not even caring what's on!

getting to actually go outside and see the light of day

being able to actually answer people's phone calls...and not spend 67% of the time talking about aforementioned nightmares

Yes, Bar-prepping buds, you have SO MUCH to look forward to, so keep truckin' along.  The end is near and if you happen to be in my area, I'll be happy to take you out for a cupcake when it's all over.  


  1. Dear Lord, I remember how nice it felt when it was over. Now I just need to never take it again :)

  2. You can do it! I found your blog via being greek! PPL! Im a pi phi too :)