Tuesday, December 17, 2013

{Office Christmas 2013...and a Giveaway}

A little over two years ago, I started work at my very first real-life, full-time job.  I have to say, I never thought that I would be blessed to have coworkers as awesome as the ones I have.  They are kind, friendly and helpful and have been incredibly patient teachers as I've tried to learn my craft in these couple years.  

Now, I am naturally a pretty mushy person.  I cry at everything and I'm always talking about my feelings (my poor husband...).  And when it comes to work, surprisingly, sometimes people get freaked out when you just walk into their office and start crying while telling them how much they mean to you.  {Ha.  Just kidding, I haven't actually tested that out, but I get the sense that maybe people wouldn't like it?}  :)

So, to show my appreciation without scaring people off, I just feed them.  Last year, the treats looked a little something like this:

{hot chocolate on a stick}

{dipped Oreos on a stick...I guess I was on a stick theme last year}

...and some other stuff that I forgot to take pictures of.

This year, I got an idea make bottled beverages from my friend Becky's blog.  {I mentioned her in my last post.  She's legit.}  I made her recipe for Cider Cocktails to take as a host gift for a party I attended.  But I had a ton of bottles left over as well as some beverage carriers.  So, I decided to transition those extra materials into gifts for my coworkers this year.  

I love trying new recipes for tasty treats during Christmastime, so this year I decided to make homemade vanilla marshmallows and peppermint patties.  Also, my parents have this amazing pecan tree that produces an absurd amount of pecans every year.  They gave me a giant bag when I went home for Thanksgiving, so I decided to try out a candied pecan recipe as well.  


{vanilla marshmallows}

In both prior years in which I have taken treats to the office, my unspoken intention was for my coworkers to take the treats home to share with their families, but I noticed that the treats rarely made it through the exit door.  So this year, I also made some soft ginger cookies, some almond sugar cookies and some additional candied pecans for us to enjoy during the day so that perhaps the treats would make it home.  :)

I had so much fun preparing and packaging these treats, and I'm already thinking about what I can make next year.  While I made these as Christmas gifts, I also think these would be an awesome party favor as well, filled with a couple Izzes and some packaged treats!

So for the giveaway...Leave me a comment and let me know one of your favorite Christmastime activities.  I'll randomly select a winner next Monday and post it on the blog.  Oh, you want to know what you're getting?  I'll make you six (6) custom craft paper carriers with background colors and custom message of your choosing.  You'll also get tissue paper to match and some clear bags and ribbon to use to package your own tasty goodies.  (Delivery will occur shortly after the new year.)  Be sure to let me know in your comment how I can contact you.  Merry Christmas!

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