Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Fave Food: Spinach

I stare at words all day. On paper or on the computer, I am constantly using my eyes to read. Not only does this put a strain on my eyes, but it also makes me tired. For any other law students/lawyers out there, I'm sure this is old news. Fortunately for us, there is a great food out there that helps with both of these problems: Spinach.

Popeye had it right. A little spinach each day is the key to a healthy mind and body. Not only does spinach contribute to long-term retention of mental health, but it also helps prevent macular degeneration (read: loss of eyesight) and because of its high iron content, it also aids in the movement of oxygen through the body, raising energy levels. In addition to all of its internal health benefits, it's also filling, which makes it a great addition to your meals when you're trying to watch portion sizes. I mean really...what more could you want?!

(To read more about the health benefits of spinach, click here. Also, you can look at the nutrition facts related to spinach by clicking here. I absolutely LOVE the second website because it gives you tons of information on just about any food you can think of. I encourage you to browse around.)

Thanks to Adrian's love for spinach, I have been introduced to this superfood and have begun incorporating it into many of my meals. I make it as a side to my chicken, a topping for my pizza, and a base to my lunchtime salads. The possibilities for the use of this food are absolutely endless. Try adding some spinach into your life.

Happy Living!

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