Monday, May 17, 2010

It's Okay...You're Still Going to Heaven

I took a class in college and at the end, I didn't receive the grade I really wanted. I was pretty bummed and had a talk with my sweet friend Emily about it. On that day, she said something to me that I have carried with me from that point forward--"It's okay, friend. You're still going to heaven." She will probably never know how meaningful those words were to me that day, but on days like today, I am so thankful for the wise words of my sweet friend.

There have been many times since I've been in law school that my strength in the Lord has been tried. Transitioning out of my college days where everything was comfortable and familiar and moving to a big city, far from everything I knew made for some rough, lonely nights--not to mention the unbelievably long hours spent in isolation studying material that seemed completely un-learnable. Despite the trials, I have been and continue to be increasingly in awe of the amazing provision provided by my sweet Jesus.

As finals quickly (oh so quickly) approach, I am so thankful to be reminded of this truth about my life: God expects us to give our best, but my salvation does not depend on what grades I earn, how much money I make, or whether I am able to learn everything set before me. Praise Jesus for that :)


  1. I love this! I'm proud of you for all your hard work. And yes, praise Jesus for getting you through it all. :)

  2. I remember Emily saying this too! Such a lovely reminder that our worth doesn't lie in our grades or our accomplishments.

    I'm so very proud of you too! Good luck with finals! Hope we can catch up sometime soon!