Wednesday, September 1, 2010

road trip!

Adrian and I recently embarked on a journey from Texas to Oklahoma to Arizona and back. It was SO much fun getting to spend hours on the open road with my honey, talking, singing, dancing, and listening to books on tape. We did some engagement photo taking, wedding planning, and family visiting along the way. Here's a little timeline of our journey!

{start: Houston, TX}

{stop 1: Carrollton, TX--sister's house}

{stop 2: OKC and Norman, OK--engagement photos and visiting friends}

{stop 3: Ponca City, OK--parents, birthday celebration and wedding planning}

{stop 4: Amarillo, TX--pit stop on our journey}

{stop 5: Gilbert, AZ--more family}

{random photos from the road}

until next time...

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