Sunday, October 17, 2010

growing heart :)

On my 16th birthday, one of my best friends, Mackenzie, gave me an awesome gift--a handmade quilt with photos of us on it. It was SUCH a neat gift and to this day, it's still my absolute favorite blanket. I have this quirky thing where I always have to have a blanket on me when I'm sitting on the sofa or at my desk, and this particular blanket is the one I always go to. And although I'm almost 25 years old, I still sleep with it every night because it's so worn in and comfortable and soft.

The problem is, Adrian (my fiance) loves it too. It's the only soft blanket I own that's long enough for him (he's about 6' 2" tall), so when he's laying around it's the blanket he always goes to as well. Ugh. I have struggled with this issue endlessly, because I have a really hard time giving it up and because I have tons of other blankets that he could use. (I am also very sentimental, in case you didn't know.) But today, my friends, I do believe God decided to help me learn a love lesson. Adrian was laying on the floor and he said he felt chilly (in "Adrian Speak" that means "honey, will you get me a blanket please?"). At the time, I was using my favorite blanket, but you know what? I felt compelled to just get up and give it to him. So I did, and I got myself a different blanket. It's a big day, friends. I have been praying lately that God would teach my heart how to love and serve Adrian in small, practical ways (or more precisely, that I would allow God to love Adrian through me), and I think that today was evidence of Him working on my heart. I realize that it sounds kind of shallow and silly because it's only a material thing, but I am a work in progress and I am thankful for this small moment of growth. Praise Him! :)

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  1. I totally forgot about that blanket! Do you know what my favorite blanket is? The one you made for me! I'm glad Adrian likes it too, it is nice of you to share! P.S. I haven't followed any blogs yet because I can't get my picture to upload. I'm working on it.