Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Little sister is coming to visit today. It's her fall break and she chose to spend it with me! This is very exciting. While she road-tripped it with me last summer from Houston to Chicago, I haven't gotten to have her stay with me for an extended amount of time since probably my junior year in college, so I am, needless to say, really happy about this visit.

As you can imagine, I have TONS of fun things planned--I do have to go to class on Thursday, but I've planned to make the most of Friday and Saturday. Of course, one of the main things my sister and I do when we get together is SHOP! I'm excited because since my birthday is coming up, all of the stores I shop at have been sending me coupons. (I love coupons) So that's what we'll be doing on Friday during the day.

(p.s. Unfortunately, I don't shop at the establishments featured on those shopping bags--I am still a student after all.)

Then, Adrian is treating us to The Lion King on Friday night. I'm really excited about this because it's a classic and I hear it's truly a sight to see. He is SO sweet and thoughtful to take us! (I just love him.)

Then, on Saturday, I'm hosting a GIRLS MOVIE NIGHT PARTY!!!!! I am so excited about this because I love throwing parties and decorating and cooking. I have lots of goodies for the guests to enjoy and yes, we will be watching a classically girly movie. I'll post photos next week, so tune back in for that.

Anyway, I think it's going to be a super fun weekend and I can't wait for her to get here!

What do you like to do with your siblings/best friends when they come to visit?


  1. So exciting! You guys have fun!

  2. Have you made your movie selection yet? Can't wait to see pictures!

    My to-do list when besties are involved: shopping, eating, talking, eating, talking and eating while talking. :) Have fun!