Monday, November 1, 2010

{exercise: day 1}

Well, friends, it's begun! Operation "Doing it for the Ground" is underway. As promised, I will be tracking my progress here so you can all keep me accountable! I also added a little countdown thing on the sidebar of my blog so you can see the progress throughout the month (yes, it's a bit repetitive, but I like lists).

Day 1: Ana Caban Beginning Pilates Video

Today was a long day, and with the MPRE coming up this weekend, I spent most of my evening reviewing my outline. So today didn't end up being a gym day, but that's okay, because my old faithful, Miss Ana Caban, was there to keep me company.

I'm excited for this month, and I am still accepting partners in the challenge! {shout-out to Erika for being my only committed partner so far} :)

On an unrelated but sort of related note, my wedding dress came in today!!! Unfortunately, since it's in Houston, I don't have access to it yet, but it's still nice to know it's there waiting for me. Yay! It's getting closer and closer, friends! (292 days to be exact)

Check back tomorrow for more news on the exercise challenge!

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  1. Good morning I awoke to a google alert that you mentioned one of my DVDs. I love that I am a part of your challenge. I'd love to chat with you about it. Please drop
    Me a line at

    Great work!

    Ana Caban
    The Good Life Guru