Saturday, February 26, 2011


ahhhhhhh!!!! like...for real? It's finals time again already? Where does the time go?!

Ah yes, it's that time of year again, my friends. Time to break out the hornbooks (for those of you not in law school, that's the name for our commercial outlines), the class outlines, the notes, the textbooks, and yes, even the statute books. I know, I know. You're super jealous. I would be too, if I weren't in my position. I mean, here I am, sitting in the school library on a Saturday, reviewing my notes on what types of transactions are considered securities, why we should regulate them, and what kinds of things we can do to get around the regulations. And on top of that, I get to read through pages and pages of SEC regulations. I mean, if this isn't pure bliss, I'm really just not sure what is.

....hmm...well, maybe it's not that exciting, but either way, I do love learning and I'm pretty sure that when I graduate, I'll be wishing I were here again--working on my own schedule, taking naps when I want, sitting in class listening to some of the most brilliant minds who have ever walked this earth. It's crazy to me that in a mere 4 months, my academic career will be over. 20 years in school, and *poof* done. I'll be studying for the Bar, preparing to get married, and preparing to move to a new place with my fiance (or hubby...which is what he'll be at that point). It's finally starting to hit me, and recently I've become much more nostalgic. I find myself pausing on my way to school just to take in the scenery, knowing that very soon I'll be leaving all this behind. My, how time flies.

Well, for now I suppose I should get back to loving on my statute book. You'll probably be seeing a lot more blog postings in the next couple of weeks, because for some reason (surely it's not because I like to procrastinate), I tend to blog more during finals time. :) Until next time, my friends!

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