Thursday, March 3, 2011

{cancer-free's the way to be...and other random stuff}

So, we got dad's diagnostic tests back, and good news dear friends--apparently God said "I don't think so, cancer. Not on my watch." (read: dad's cancer-free!) Woop! Praise God from whom all blessings flow. (amen, sister!) What a nutso journey that's been. I just pray that God continues to watch over his body as he recovers from the surgery. But for now, I just sing praises to my King, who is in control and holds all the world in his hands. (hallelujah!) :) (no, but for real...God is legit. Let's talk about him sometime!)

On to lighter subjects--there are SO MANY BABIES in my near future!!! (okay, not my future in particular...but hello! I'm totally allowed to live vicariously through my good friends since it'll be a while before I have any of my own, right?!) I have so many friends having babies this year and for that matter, I have so many friends getting married this year which means hopefully even more babies in the relatively near future! I am so excited I can barely stand it. I LOVE babies, and the best ones are the ones you can play with and give back! (well, I say that now, but I'm sure that once I have my own I'll feel differently) If you're looking around for me in the next few months and can't find me, feel free to assume that I'm lost in a hairbow-, blanket-, name-sign-making frenzy (frenzy--what we're trying to avoid by imposing gun-jumping rules on issuers, underwriters and other sellers of securities...ACK! sorry...momentary brain fritz attributable to the securities regulation material I'm supposed to be studying right now).

Well, since I can't seem to keep securities regulation off my brain, I suppose I should get back to actually studying rather than just thinking about it. Happy Thursday!

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  1. So glad he is cancer free! Later on we should discuss why I had to find out about this from your blog! Good luck on finals!