Tuesday, April 10, 2012

{over-caffeination is not for the faint of heart}

Friends, here's a story about how sometimes, over-ambition (resulting from over-caffeination) can be a bad thing.

It was Easter Sunday, we had gone to church and Bible class and then had Adrian's parents and brother over for Easter dinner.  We had a wonderful time eating, chatting, enjoying life.  Then they left.  Adrian and I had work to do so I made a pot of coffee to get us going (that big meal made me just want to sleep...well, really anything makes me want to sleep, so I'm sure that you can understand when I say that I drink a lot of coffee).

We poured ourselves a cup each and I sat down on the sofa to finish a document I was working on.  Turns out, finishing the document didn't take quite as long as I thought it would.  So there I was, sitting there with nothing productive to do and wide awake (which never happens) so what was my first thought?  "Hey! I think I'll go to the gym!"  First wrong move.

So I put on my workout gear, ready to hit the gym like a warrior fighting a battle against the evils that 12 hours of sitting everyday are doing to my body.  I got in the gym and decided that instead of getting on the elliptical or doing some nice inclined walking on the treadmill, which is what I normally do, I would just hop right on the treadmill and start running!  I ran and I ran and I ran.  I was a maniac!  (Point of clarification for those who may not know my workout habits...by "ran and ran and ran" I mean that I ran for 20 minutes, walked for a little bit and then ran for 10 more minutes and then walked some more.  Yes, I know it's sad.  But for me, that was nutso.)

I hopped off the treadmill, so proud of myself for exerting so much energy and burning so many calories.  I looked at my sweat-ridden face in the mirror and thought "Go, you!"

Fast forward 24 hours...

I'm sitting at my desk and decide I need to get up to run down to a co-worker's office.  Run?  Ha. No.  I could barely stand.  In fact, I was in so much pain that I could barely MOVE!

The moral of this story...sometimes over-ambition can cause you to knock yourself out.  And knocking yourself out is not fun.  Just ask this guy...

Fighter knocks himself out

Lesson learned.  Lay off the coffee, and when I'm feeling ambitions, rein it in or I'll be paying for it later.  Until next time, friends...

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