Thursday, May 10, 2012

{Purple Aura Jewels-Giveaway}

I have this wonderful friend named Natara.  She and I met a couple summers ago while I was interning and she was an attorney at a firm here in town.  Natara is fantastic because somehow, she has managed to start her own jewelry business, Purple Aura Jewels, with a friend of hers (Cynthia, who's a CPA) while maintaining her daytime job as an attorney! (Really, they're both amazing...AND they're stunning. Ridiculous.)

Cynthia is on the left; Natara is on the right.

Last week, Natara held a trunk show of her beautiful pieces at the home of another one of our dear friends.  Each and every piece that she brought was unique, beautiful and very finely crafted.  I was so impressed!  I walked away with two beautiful necklaces, one for myself and one for my little sister who's graduating from high school this year.  (Sorry I just spoiled your graduation gift surprise, Anisa)  :)

See the "Brooklyn" necklace here:

that's me!

Since I have multiple jewelers in my family, I certainly appreciate beautiful pieces of jewelry.  I also know that pieces of jewelry can hold many special memories or meanings for people.  

Here's the great news for you: I'm giving away ONE Brooklyn necklace ($139 value) to a randomly selected reader!  Here's how to enter (you can enter up to 4 times, but you must leave 4 separate comments on this blog post to be entered each time):

1)  "Like" Purple Aura Jewels on Facebook and then leave a comment on this post saying you did so OR
2)  "Follow" Purple Aura Jewels on Twitter and then leave a comment on this post saying you did so OR
3)  "Follow" my blog using the button on the right and then leave a comment on this post saying you did so OR
3)   Leave a comment saying what your most precious piece of jewelry is and why.

You can enter once or enter all four ways if you want, but if you post anonymously, PLEASE PUT YOUR NAME IN THE COMMENT so I'll have a way of letting you know if you won.  I'll announce a winner next Friday, May 18.  Good luck!


  1. I realize this may be obvious, but my engagement ring is TRULY the most cherished piece of jewelry I've ever received, and I know it always will be. My {now} husband did the shopping/selecting 100% by himself without any previous input from me. So knowing it's a gift that HE liked on me and thought I would like, makes it so special to me. I still find it surreal (1.5 years later) to look down and see the perfect ring sparkling back at me, and it always reminds me of his love for me.

  2. This is hard... but I think I actually managed to do it (tweet/like/sign up/prove I am not a robot)...
    Best jewelry - I have a dome diamond ring that my Grandmother left to me because when I was really little and my mom and aunt would criticize it I told her it was pretty. It is amazing.

  3. all Anonymous comments are from Kristin (the non techie)

  4. I am now following you!! Love your blog and glad you invited me!

  5. My engagment ring is the most special piece of jewelry I own! I love to tell the story of my hubby flying all the way to California to surprise to ask me to spend the rest of my life with him! It's exactly what I never knew I wanted!

  6. Hi Katherine! My wife would love some jewelry, so I'm following the blog. You can reach me through facebook. Clay.

  7. Determining my favorite piece of jewelry is tough... but I think it is my pearl necklace from Eddie. Pearls are my favorite and I'd been wanting real pearls for a long time... the necklace was a complete surprise! This give away is such a fun idea :)


  8. I follow your blog =) Well both of them actually =)

  9. My favorite piece of jewelry I own is a necklace with a high heel pendant. My grandmother gave it to me after getting straight A's my first semester of college. I also LOVE shoes. I almost never take it off.